“The Weight On My Shoulders”

A tired mind,

Unrest in my soul,

I’m missing something,

That makes me whole.

You took a part of me,

I don’t know if I can heal,

I’m numb to my life,

And I don’t know how to feel.

You don’t understand how you broke,

The trust I had inside,

From the strength that I once had,

To wanting to run away and hide.

My life is torn apart,

From the choice you made that night,

I thought you respected me,

So I didn’t try and fight.

I wish I could cleanse myself,

From the choice you took from me,

But soap and water can’t prevent,

My soul from feeling dirty.

You’ve given me a burden,

So now I have to cope,

You even stole my security,

And every bit of hope.

I’m clinging to distraction,

Something to save me from this pain,

A weight of isolation,

That even booze won’t wash away.

The only thing I can do,

Is to see that justice is served,

I have a happy ending,

And you get what you deserve.

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